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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Project X

So what is Project X? It is secret. This is why it is called "Project X". Things called "Project X" are usually secret. This is why they do not have a better name.

Project X is not really finished. It is functional but not finished. I was going to do something else, but that did not work out so I changed the plan mid project. The change worked out well. Probably better than the original plan. So I just went with it.

Project X went in its own direction. It told me what it wanted to do. So I just went with it.

And the results? Well I am pleased. The results make me happy.

Well thats it! What you see are some LED strip lights. The center light is three strips connected together. The lights on the side are single strips. It looks a little funny so I ordered 4 more strips, so each support pole will have three strips and be of equal length.

Here it is with the flash on.

Project X is going to totally kick ass when it is done. And that will be as soon as the other 4 strips arrive.



Blogger doozie said...

That's quite fancy, you should hang some flower baskets off it

Anonymous krok12 said...

Holy crap, you'd better be careful that the Vietnamese don't steal the boat now, that's pretty cool.

That's also seems like a good way to set the mood for the chicks on the boat.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

Doozie - I have considered a LED disco ball. That would be cool. I would have to get a really good mount to keep the ball from swinging all over the place.

Krok - We do not have many Vietnamese here, so I am not too worried about that. My boat is no good for migrant smuggling so it is not a hot target for that either. I do worry about theft however. The engine is worth something. I was thinking about painting the engine 4 different colors OR get an old beat up cowling for it - so it looks like a piece of crap.


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