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Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Have No Title

I noticed something kind of exciting today!

The National Hurricane Center website has a new look. Now why is this exciting? Because it is. YOU may not need a link on your blog page to the NHC, but I do. I like the link on my blog to the NHC. Because then I do not have to Google "hurricane center" all summer. I can just click the link and see what is going on.

Because it is not a bad idea to keep track of what is going on. Unless you live someplace crazy. Like Montana. Or Idaho. If you live in Montana or Idaho then you probably never need to go to the National Hurricane Center website.

But I never have to go to the "how much snow will my ass have to shovel tomorrow" website. So in some sort of cosmic way it all works out.

OK so that is over. Stay tuned right here for tropical updates. Should there be any. If there are not I will not complain. No updates are the best updates of all!

As for as more immediate concerns go, weather on Friday still looks OK. Same "scattered thunder storms" forecast as every other day. So the mission is still on. I have conferred with various sources (my spy network) and I think I have good intelligence regarding a place to drop the anchor and watch the fireworks. Ill be able to see at least two shows at the same time. Maybe (probably) more.

In other news, I am watching some lame ass cop show. Now I have watched a lot of lame ass cop shows. And in all these shows I have learned one thing.

When the cops say "it smells like a brewery in here" you are probably going to jail. So do not use beer or booze as cologne or as an automobile air freshener. But if you do get stopped and your car does smell like a brewery and you see TV cameras, say some crazy funny shit. It makes the show more entertaining. After all, you are drunk so you have an excuse. You are not going to get into any more trouble. It is your chance to strip naked and run away screaming KILLER BEES!! KILLER BEES!! Or something.



Blogger doozie said...

You've been watching Tommy Boy again?

I just noticed something. All these years of reading your blog and I finally put it together. You never use apostrophes. Am I wrong?

Anonymous krok23 said...

The Lazy,

I think we should gang bang Doozie on your boat. Videotape the action and then sell it and give the proceeds to Doozie.

Blogger Cheesemeister said...

When I was a bartender I always reeked of stale beer coming out of work one night. And one night I did get pulled over. Good thing alcohol doesn't absorb through the skin! I was completely clean as far as the breathalyzer, but the way I smelled it was hard convincing the cop that I just poured the stuff, I wasn't drunk.


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