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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend Wrap-Up

The 4th went over well. I got out on the water and that usually results in a good time.

The weather did get a little snotty in the late afternoon / early evening. I got to play an exciting game of "outrun the storm". The rules are simple - do not get rained on. If you get rained on then you lost.

Now complicating the game was the SLOW SPEED zone I was in. And not to mention the hundreds of other boats anchored up waiting for the fireworks show to start. And the cop boats there to make sure I did not violate the slow speed zone.

For a while, I was on the edge of the storm. At one point the heavy rain was about 50 yards away. But then I got out of the slow zone area and could haul ass. But I won the game. I did not get rained on and I did not get hit by lightning.

But I do need one more piece of equipment. GOGGLES! I happen to have some, I just did not bring them. But I am going to put them on the boat and keep them there. They have a clear lens, and I have another lens on the way that is dark. Why do I need these?

Imagine that it is sprinkling and you are playing "outrun the storm". So you are running at 25 mph, with the drizzle hitting your face. But it is dark so you can not wear sunglasses for protection! That sucks. Actually it stings.

Speaking of stings, it seems I got stung by a bee. Or some sort of fuzzy bug. It was at night, AFTER the fireworks, and away from land. I got stung, the bee got mushed. I think I won that battle.

Some out of town people will be here Monday, so chances are good the boat will get wet again Tuesday. They want to go to the beach Monday, after an all night drive from Ohio to get here. I think they are crazy. But whatever. If they want the beach then they will get the beach. I just do not know which beach yet. Probably South Beach. That is the famous one. But I HATE South Beach. I hate parking at the beach. I hate the traffic at the beach. So it all depends. If the people just want sun and water, then Ill go to Key Biscayne. I hate that place a lot less.

And what about Sunday? Well Ill be floating. Again. Why not. Ill be out doing my auxiliary weekend warrior thing. Cruising around looking for things. Not as much fun as a party booze cruise, but the government pays for my gas, and I get more time at the wheel to practice boat handling stuff. It all works out.

And of the last mission, taken at Monument Island. You can see the monument in some of the photos. You can also see the brooding storm clouds.......



Blogger actonbell said...

Good pics, sounds like fun. Our weather was a bit dreary, too.

Blogger doozie said...

I'm curious how you plan to see out of the goggles while they are being pelted, do they have wipers on them?

Blogger Spider63 said...

Its been raining nearly every day for the past 2+ weeks here in Sunny South Florida!

Blogger Fuzz said...

We got to float a bit too. And it didn't rain till we got home.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

When I was 13 years old I was at a college football game one time and got stung in the armpit by a wasp. Unfortunately the wasp won that battle. I smacked it but only managed to pull off one of its legs and it flew away.


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