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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fake Hurricane

Well Tropical Storm Fay madness is over. Schools are still closed tomorrow, but everything is pretty much back to normal.

The warnings are still up.

So what did I get? Pretty much a day of rain. Mostly drizzle. A slow, steady, constant drizzle. A drizzle that will probably last a few more hours.

And a few periods of heavier rain and wind. For all I know some more periods of heavy rain are still on the way. In fact, it just started to rain harder right now!

The wind speed graphics suggest I was in tropical storm conditions. I did not really notice however. Maybe for brief periods of time I was in weak tropical storm conditions, but it was not that bad.

So I declare "FAKE HURRICANE".

Fake Hurricane is another term I invented.These occur when you are in a "warning" zone but do not experience anything special. Fake hurricanes are dangerous. What happens is that people expect something - but they get nothing. They may have even prepared for something.

So when nothing comes, next time around they may do nothing.

Anyhow - FAKE HURRICANE. For me anyway. For someone else in FL it will be not so fake.

Tomorrow resumes regular posting without preemption by tropical weather related events. But do not worry. There is another area over the open Atlantic that has a medium change for further development. So all this may very well repeat in the next week.



Blogger M@ said...

How appropriate. Most people have fake flood insurance.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I wonder if I have fake homeowner's insurance on my fake home. If a tornado ever hit this place, we would all be so fucked!


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