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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Business As Usual

All the fun is over. For now. Today things return to normal in Miami. Of course normal for Miami would probably seem insane, or at least bizarre, to you.

But to me it is just normal.

The sort of funny thing is that the worst winds happened Tuesday. Monday it was just wet. but Tuesday the winds were constant. It was probably blowing a good 20 - 25 mph all day, with higher gusts. I got a photo of some storm related damage I noticed today.

Today will be a fun day. The first day of school. It was supposed to be Monday but that shit got canceled. So ALL the usual madness will happen today, in addition to even more madness.

People here seem to be tards. They forget things. And something very strange happens. Traffic on the highway moves slower than usual. Now why is this? Got me. There are these things called "school buses". They take your kid to school. And these "bus" things also tend to stay off the highway. So one would think that traffic should not know the difference in a school day and a non school day.

Oh well. That is just how it is.

But back to Fay. I do believe I called for a shift to the east. Yup - I just checked previous posts and there is is! It was going to move more to the east than the tracks suggested!

I do not know if I said "Naples or Ft Myers area" here, but I know I said it to people in person. Look for the storm to hit land closer to Naples or Ft Myers than Tampa. I said that.

Fay hit Marco Island, just to the south of Naples.

I rule.



Blogger Fuzz said...

Is Fay coming back?

Blogger Lily Strange said...

A normal day in my neck of the woods would bore you to death. This is a pretty dull little town most of the time. Occasionally they'll bust up a meth lab in the low rent (a mere $1000 a month for a 2 bedroom) townhouses a few blocks from Trailer Trash Heaven where I reside, at only $1100 a month between mortgage and lot rent.
I'm not saying that cooking meth while little kids are around (or any other time) is a good thing, but with paychecks like mine for working full time at well above minimum wage (I make $1400 a month after taxes and insurance) and no kind of relief because the food stamp and medicaid people consider what you make BEFORE taxes (I would make $2100 a month) it's no fucking wonder that people get desperate enough to think about selling meth. I knew some of the people that were in a meth lab raid about 5 years back. I didn't approve of what they were doing but they weren't bad people. They were working full time at regular jobs.
What all this has to do with Fay I'm not sure. Oh, let's be real--absolutely nothing! I just got off track and started telling you about the excitement that happens here in my town. I was jealous of Fay, dammit! Not like my mind ever wanders or I rant or anything.

Blogger Fuzz said...

They busted a meth guy for the 3rd time in the same house here.


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