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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fall Thoughts

I have decided that I am ready for fall to begin already.

You know how hot it gets? Very. Thats how. Now I know, people who complain about the heat IN THE SUMMER TIME are usually assholes. We all know it is hot. Nobody needs anyone to point that out to them. For example:

ME: hanging out not really doing much.

SOME ASSHOLE: It is REALLY hot today!

ME: Really? I did not notice!! I thought it might snow or something!

SOME ASSHOLE: Are you being a smart ass?

ME: Maybe. Are you some sort of dumb ass who feels the need to point out to the planet that it is hot outside - in South Florida - in August???

SOME ASSHOLE: You are very rude

ME: Tell me something else I already know! You are on a roll here!

But yea, it is time for fall. It is getting harder and harder to think. This is good and bad. The good part about not thinking is that the crap on the news does not bother me as much.

Take now for example. That asshole Tom Ridge is on the TV talking shit about how if he is the VP pick for McCain, the Republicans will win Pennsylvania and the election. Yea - one little problem there Ridge. You are NOT the Governor anymore. You were part of the Bush administration and therefore your reputation is trashed. You had to take the fall for some failure. I forgot which failure but there was one. And you had to resign to save the king.

Your career is over. If you are on the ticket, I can pretty much bet my boat that your ticket will not win your home state. People in Pennsylvania are still pissed off about a whole laundry list of things.

But Tom Ridge and his inane comments do not really bother me. I do not care. The brain is switched OFF till further notice.

The other reason why fall needs to arrive is so that I can enjoy some Sierra Nevada barleywine I have. Barleywine is a very heavy beer with a high alcohol content. It is like beer that is close to wine strength. I happen to like the stuff a lot, depending on the style. Barletwines can be sweet or hoppy. While I like a hoppy beer I like my barleywine more balanced. But whatever.

I can not properly enjoy the barleywine. It is too warm. Barletwine is best enjoyed when it is cooler. The ideal setting would be a cold evening by a fireplace. But I lack a fireplace. So Ill have to settle for the second best setting, outside on the patio when there are no biting insects buzzing around.

But that is just not going to happen. So I will make do. The barleywine and Early Spring Beer will remain in the fridge where it will wait. There are other fine beers to tide me over. The water is still very warm so swimming is an option. Every weekend or even weekday is a good day to use the boat. If you can afford the gas.

So for a little while longer, Scorpio will be visible in the night sky to the south. And that is OK. I can handle it.



Blogger Fuzz said...

You must be a little ahead of us in Floriduhhh. We still have a bit of hot weather coming.
It would probably be better to avoid the "News" 'till after the election anyway. You've probably already made up your mind I would guess.

Blogger Bee Repartee said...

I read your thoughts on weather, which were funny. We have had very mild weather the 80s..weird.

I glazed over at the politics until I caught the word alcohol, then I tuned back in. I hope you don't hate me. I prefer 5-o drinks, not that wimpy 3-2 beer. You know how much you have to drink to get snockered on 3-2 beer? I hate to go pee every 15 minutes, I'm just saying.

PS. I'm voting NO for president.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

My favorite season is the early fall. It has been a very hot dry summer, and yes, I bitched about it. I don't do well in high heat. It makes me feel sick. I had heat exhaustion when I was younger and the older I get, the more sensitive to heat I am. If I had the means, I would head north when the hot weather hits and south in the cold, just like a bird!


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