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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mystery Noise

I hereby declare 10,000 BC unwatchable. It is a very bad movie.

The truck needs an oil change. I can do this myself. Now that the service coupon book thing that I got with the truck (for an extra $800) is used up I can do my own routine service. And changing the oil in the truck will be really super easy. I do not even need a jack. I can just scoot under the vehicle, pull the oil plug, drain the oil, put the plug back, replace the filter, and fill the engine back up with new oil. Ill probably use synthetic.

And of course recycle the old oil.

But there is another problem. The mystery noise. It seems to be coming from the front wheel. It sounds like a metal on metal scraping noise. Not typically something you would want to hear.

Now last time I took the truck in for its last pre-paid dealer service trip, I mentioned the mystery noise. And they looked for the cause. Nobody could find anything. No signs of unusual wear. Or so they said.

Then two months later, the warranty for the truck ran out. But the mystery noise seemed to have gone away after the last trip. So I though it may just be a true mystery noise. Something slightly out of whack but got fixed when the tires were rotated.

And then the noise came back. Now that the warranty is over.

So I am thinking that they will probably find something. And if this is the case I will have to yell at the service manager. I mentioned the noise last time. Factory trained people said "nothing is wrong". It is all on the service records. So if something is found now that requires money to fix I think I have a valid bitching point. It is the SAME noise from the SAME general location. I mentioned it last time. Nothing was found.

I want the noise resolved this time. It annoys me. I know it has to be something. So it needs to be found and fixed. But I do not want to pay for it.

The quest to get this taken care of begins later today.



Blogger The Doozie said...

I think you should throw a huge fit and see if that is effective

Blogger TLP said...

Good luck with this. I hate car problems and car dealerships.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

10,000 BC unwatchable? Say it ain't so!
What did you think of Quest For Fire? That one cracks me up!


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