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Friday, August 15, 2008

Things Resolved

So you may (or may not) be wondering what the mystery noise from the truck was.

It turned out my suspicions were right. It was something to do with the brakes. The brake pads were in need of replacement. So that was done. The rotors were also replaced because the old ones were warped.

In other news, I got some things going on next week! Some sort of interview or something. I have a sneaky suspicion the interview is a hoax. The job is already filled, they just need to put on a show to make it look legit.

As if they care about what looks legit. They pretty much do what they want to do without regard for anything. Rules? HA! Piss on them. I can not really say more about this. I might be able to later, but not now. Cause that is how it is.

But we shall see. I might just be paranoid. Maybe it is not a hoax interview! Maybe it is really for real and not just some "lets all jump through these hoops" type thing. Only time will tell. But really, I am not holding out much faith in this thing. But Ill go. Why not. It can't possibly hurt anything.

And on the way back from the interview I may stop at the bridge and toss a line in the water. I can wear shorts under my suit pants and bring a t shirt. I have to pay a toll to cross the bridge, so I might as well get something out of it! Ill bring some frozen bait and one of my spinning rods and see what happens.

Probably nothing.

I could even bring the kayak. Tie it to the roof of the truck. If anyone asks why I have a kayak I can say "I am a very bad driver, so whenever I am anywhere near water I bring a boat".

Part of this job requires a drivers license. So one of the job functions MAY involve driving something. Maybe a golf cart - maybe something with a real engine. Who knows. My kayak joke may not go over so well. So Ill work on revising it. Or not.

It really would not be anyones business why I have a kayak tied to the roof of my truck.

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Blogger TLP said...

I hope the interview is for real. Good luck with it. It's good practice anyway.

I once had an interview for a state job that afterwards I thought was a sham because they just described the job to me. Didn't ask me any questions about myself.
When I came home the phone rang and they offered me the job. That was the beginning of my 25 year Civil Service career. You never know.

Blogger Lily Strange said...

I hate the jumping through the hoops stuff. How asinine!
I'm too old to endure such crap again. I plan to stay with the place I'm at--unless I move to a city that's just too far away, or my boss Alvin N. Chipmunkk goes completely psycho and decides to get rid of all the old staff so he has new staff that won't question his bullshit decisions or want crazy things like raises. One never knows what stupidity administrators can bring upon their employees.

Blogger The Lazy Iguana said...

TLP - I will find out. But I have other plans as well.

Lily - it is all part of the game.


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