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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lost Marbles. And Other Things.

Sunday was fun.

See there was going to be a boat mission. One where I get free gas out of the deal. Well not exactly "free" gas - only enough free gas to replace whatever was used for the mission. But I call it "free" to make the deal sound better.

But that is not the important part.

I was getting things all ready to go. Gathering up the electronics, getting all my shit together, and so on.

Then I went outside to hitch the trailer to the truck.

Backed the truck up so the towing ball was under the trailer coupler.

Then got out of the truck to unlock the coupler lock.

Where the fuck are the keys??


No keys. Not in the truck. Could not find shit in the house. Nothing in various pants pockets. Nothing in the electronics bag.

So after searching high and low for the cursed keys, I gave up. Mission canceled.

I still have not found those buggers. They are around here somewhere. I need to locate them. Soon.

Not knowing where they are is starting to drive me crazy.

And if I can't find them? Well then it gets fun!!!! Here is what will have to be replaced.

1. The boat ignition.
2. The electronics box lock
3. The trailer tongue lock (which will have to be cut off).
4. Spare tire lock.
5. Other shit I am forgetting about, but will remember about / discover while 5 miles off the reef line looking for fish I can't catch anyway.

I just pissed Fred off and the bastard let me know. With his teeth. If you piss Fred off he bites. The more you pissed he is, the harder / longer he bites. If he is only a little pissed then its just a nip. If he is really REALLY pissed he draws blood. If you do something and he is not pissed or forgives you, then he will lick your hand.

So that is what I have been putting up with. Lost boat keys, and a fat orange cat who does not want me to move at all if he is laying next to me.

I was out with some friends Monday night. The place we were at was doing some lame promotion and giving away free shit nobody really wants.

I got a Budweiser key chain.

The irony did not pass over anyone's head.


Blogger Lily Strange said...

Oh, that sucks! I lost my main keyring once for a couple of days and that was bad enough.

Blogger okjimm said...

Ok. I found your keys. They were at a wayside off of highway 41 North of Milwaukee. Send a SASE and you may get them back.

Listen, the doughnut police thing on a earlier post has won my respect forever, or until friday, which ever comes first.

Blogger The Doozie said...

Did you check in your crack? Lots of peepull lose thing into their cracks.

Also, did you look under the seats? In the couch cushions? maybe you were drunk and you misplaced them at that time? retrace your steps

Blogger Bee Repartee said...

How good are you at bumping locks?

Keys need GPS so you can find them from your cell phone. Wouldn't that be a good app?

Blogger Fuzz said...

You don't keep extras?
I always keep copies, that way there are more to lose.


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